King Lion: Graphic Artist

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Growing up in Altofts in Wakefield, Oliver Asadi has been creating art since he was 13 years old. Starting off by running wrestling promotions with his friends, Oliver was the creator of all the art used in videos and advertisement.Throughout my education I’ve been more on the Art and Computer side of things rather than the standard subjects so I guess that helped me combine the two. I also got a degree in Computer Animation & Special FX last summer!”

Under the alias of King Lion; Oliver now works as a freelance artist. Creating pieces of art for music artists to use for their album covers and promotions.

Inspired by people who leave legacies bigger than themselves; King Lion creates art that incorporates wildlife and greenery.

In a majority of Oliver’s work you can see the repeated use of wildlife which he says ‘Ties into my alias King Lion and it’s a cool way to add my imprint on my artwork.’

Working with many different music artists; Oliver says his process begins by taking inspiration by what’s around him and what the music artist he is working with wants.

I work with my collective Shamans Are Alive personally like in-house designing so I handle all that artwork when they have music they want to release. I just wanted to make a cover that I felt represented the sounds and aesthetic of my Masked Shaman Project.”

 Only bigger and better things can happen from here on out for the young artist.

I’m just creating my own wave unlike the majority of people who are riding on others”

 Check back soon for a catch up with King Lion on the release of his first album ‘Chimera Land’

 Follow King Lion on twitter @oliverasadi


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