Louis Fitzpatrick: Commercial Photographer 


5979_1053708054693427_2365032716626670657_nWhen Louis Fitzpatrick,22, from Altofts in Wakefield, first started his foundation degree in photography at Wakefield college, he was unaware of how much he would grow to love the course. Fast forward four years later and Louis is now in his final year of his BA Hons commercial photography degree at the University of Derby.

During his foundation degree at Wakefield college Louis learnt about different styles of photography and over the course learnt different techniques and about different photographers that inspire him even now.

“Throughout my time in education I have developed a passion for photography, along with strengthening my technical skills. It enabled me to be creative and in a way that allowed me to be in total control of the outcome, leaving me to develop my own style of work”

Inspired by photographers such as; Jane Bown, August Sander and especially Toby Keller.

Image by Louis Fitzpatrick inspired by the work of Toby Keller.

“Keller uses slow shutter photography, this type of photography enables you to paint with light in a way and creates a ‘neon’ effect.”


Louis has a keen interest in commercial photography which he hopes to peruse a career in. Recently getting into portrait photography Louis is constantly bettering himself to become an even better photographer.

“It would be a dream come true to make it in the industry.”

Speaking on other types of photography, such as fashion, Louis says he could not truly create something amazing if his heart isn’t in it.

Louis works on a range of different projects whether it be; for personal use, for university or for clients. As a young developing photographer, Louis has become more confident with how he handles projects. He says “Every new project starts the same… With an idea. No matter how stupid or unrealistic it is. I work on the idea to make it possible.”

Treating every project with such attention shows just how much of himself he puts into each photograph he takes. Taking an idea that is unrealistic and making it happen is a sign of a dedicated photographer who at a young age shows the maturity of a photographer who has been in the industry for years.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Louis is driven by self motivation and the positivity of the people who he surrounds himself with. He says “They inspire me to push myself further all the time.”

“I always want to be a better photographer. No matter how good I think a piece of work is, I always want to produce something better the next time.”

Developing an online photography portfolio called ‘Daukarhoto’ (the link is down below) which translates to ‘photography’ or to ‘take a photo’ from the afroasiatic language known as Housa. Louis has amassed a following of people who take an interest in the style of photography Louis produces.

You can follow Louis journey through photography through his portfolio. Looking through the different collections it’s interesting to watch how he has grown as photographer from his first sets of photos to the latest photographs.


Speaking of the future, Louis says he hopes to see himself working in advertising as he is particularly interested in commercial photography. Currently prioritising his degree which will open doors for him, he will focus on getting his name and his work out there once he has graduated from university.

Here at The Arts Platform we look forward to seeing how Louis will progress from now.

Check back in a couple of months where we’ll be back with Louis discussing and focusing on one of his many collections.

If you want to see more of Louis’ work now then check out his website http://www.daukarhoto.co.uk

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