Erin Moore: Photographer 

How many people can say that their hobby is their job? Or that their job is their favourite thing to do? Not many is the answer to both of those questions. It’s a rarity in this world to come across people who truly without a doubt love their job.12670552_1074197065977859_8137604685492332200_n.jpg

Erin Moore,21, is one of those lucky people. Driven by her need to create art and to be able to say something with it, Wakefield born Erin is a photographer/journalist/professional gig finder.

Since the age of 11 I’ve always carried a camera around with me.

Self teaching throughout her younger years helped Erin through her A level photography course which swiftly moved her on to a degree in Contemporary Photographic Arts, which she graduated with a 2:1 in 2015.

During her degree, Erin came to realize that she could potentially make a career out of her photography.

In 2014, Erin set up Forte Photography, where she works as a freelance live music and portrait photographer.


My love for capturing emotive photographs of musicians fuels my ambition to work with huge bands, artists and the biggest shows in the world.”

Working as the photographer in residence for the Yorkshire Live Music Project (Link below) and also a photographer for the online music magazine Backseat Mafia, creating content for their websites by covering gigs, concerts and festivals in Yorkshire. Photographing bands and artists such as; Bring Me the Horizon,Bowling for soup, The Pretty Reckless, Like a storm and Escape the Fate. Erin has also been writing for online magazine Backseat Mafia (Link below).

In 2014 Erin got one of the biggest breaks a music photographer could wish for. Lead singer, Taylor Momsen, of The Pretty Reckless re-posted one of Erin’s gig photographs on Instagram. As with any of Taylor Momsen’s posts the photograph of her got over 44,000 likes on Instagram. The iconic photograph was then printed onto thousands and thousands of T shirts for fans around the world to buy.


When it comes to shooting for her job, Erin has perfected the way she approaches every new project.


For the band I am shooting, I will check out other shots people have taken of them on the tour. To see how the lighting has been or see if they have their own lighting guy. I will research the way the band moves around the stage, so I can work out the best position for me to be in to get the best shot that I can.”

Discovering her passion at young age gave Erin an advantage others late to the game could wish for.

Take a lot of photos, you will only get better the more work you produce.”

To further her knowledge of photography, Erin constantly researches different photographers in her own field and in others in order to develop her skills. Networking with photographers by getting to know them and chatting about their editing techniques is another one of Erin’s way to improve herself as a photographer.


Black and white, high contrast photographs are my favorite styles of photography. My ‘Bring me the horizon’ shots are some of my favorite ever. I used the Sigma 35mm Art series lens and it was perfect for their dramatic lighting. Super sharp photos.”

Oliver Sykes of Bring me the Horizon photographed by Erin Moore at Doncaster Dome

Mixing two of her life’s loves is a great way to live. Erin not only gets to photograph every day but she also gets to photograph some amazing bands and artists.

In the future I would love to be shooting every weekend at festivals and/or touring with a band.”

Speaking of the future, Erin also has big plans to start her own project with close friend and journalist Emma Mcyntire.

It will hopefully be starting very soon. Networking, putting myself out there and shooting a lot will get us there!”


The Arts Platform is a diving block for any and all creative people. We are inspired by the creative young talent out there and only hope for the best when it comes to our featured talent.

We look forward to seeing what Erin accomplishes in the next year and look forward to meeting back up with her and Emma when their project is heavily underway.

The Yorkshire Live Music Project –

Backseat Mafia –

If you want to see more of Erin’s work now, then check out her Facebook page, Forte photography.


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