Extraordinary People by Louis Fitzpatrick


Back in December of last year, we had the pleasure of interviewing aspiring photographer Louis Fitzpatrick. Since we last caught up with Louis he has completed one of his collections which will be published on his website shortly. However, The Arts Platform has been given exclusive access to publish the collection.JPEG image-C53F8461DEBE-1.jpeg

The series named “Extraordinary People” is a collection based on how people are perceived. How we as individuals judge and make assumptions before we know anything about others.

“I have taken each image in a way that doesn’t reveal the subjects background, unbeknown to the viewer each individual has an amazing story to tell. Once the narrative is revealed the viewer’s perception of that person may change. The series is to show why we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance.”

Using the Nikon D800, Louis created a collection that is of high quality images that once explained can cause a viewer to do a double take, to appreciate the photographs and individuals in a different way.

“My favourite thing about producing these images was getting to know each of the individuals personally. At each photo-shoot I had to opportunity to chat with each of the models and find out about their extra ordinary stories on a one on one basis; at one of models houses I spent a couple of hours chatting before even taking any photos.”

Louis has taken the opportunity to tell the stories of those who otherwise would not have a chance to. Taking something that potentially can be extremely personal, Louis has respected each individual and in turn developed a collection that makes its viewers think twice about how they perceive others.

We look forward to seeing what new collections Louis will be creating over the next year.

Update: Extraordinary People is now available to view via Louis’ wesbite via this link http://www.daukarhoto.co.uk 

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