Goodbye for now A R T U R N


The struggle of being a creative soul is one that many artists face.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.56.32

There’s moments of self doubt; Questioning if you’re good enough, questioning if your work is good enough. Then there are the moments after when it’s even a struggle getting people to take the time to appreciate all of your hard work and efforts.

Being an artist in a world where opportunities are lacking can affect people in many different ways. Some artists give up, sticking to their day job. Others persevere through the dark times of being unknown and others get the opportunities.

Wouldn’t this world be better if we each used our individual talents and skills to give others opportunities? To open doors to people who are carrying too much to open them with their own hands?

Here at The Arts Platform, we think that giving people a chance to show their work and in turn show people themselves is exceptionally important. Especially so that future generations of artists don’t have to worry about if their work will be seen.



A R T U R N has been running art exhibitions all over Leeds and London. However, the student run collective only promised us a month and that month has sadly come to an end.

Back in January, we got the opportunity to interview Kendra Howard, co-founder of A R T U R N, which you can read through the link below if you haven’t already done so.

The idea was to give young artists an opportunity to display their work. An opportunity that is not so easily come across, especially for free. Bringing multiple different artists together for exhibitions lasting up to a week or two; Kendra Howard and Tilly Davies gave their audiences an experience to remember.

Exhibitions such as participate that made attendees get involved with the art, really brought the art to life. Everyone’s experience of ‘Participate’ was completely different to the next persons which is what is so inspiring, an exhibition that can go from fun to personal in a matter of minutes is an exhibition that works, and does its job.

These art exhibitions were truly one of a kind, people of all ages joined Kendra and Tilly in appreciating the work of all the featured artists.

A silent film festival was also run by the girls which was hosted at Nation of Shopkeepers (a great place, which everyone should check out at some point). This exhibition gave artists of a different talent a chance to display their work. The audiences looked on as student film makers from up and down the country brought their films to life.

The Art Platform’s very own Oliver Asadi premiered his new silent short film ‘Niyaz’.

“It was such a cool experience getting to show my work. Getting my name out there is something that will help me progress. It was awesome of Kendra and Tilly to set this up and let me get involved.”

Throughout the past month we have been graced by some inspiring talent that would have gone unseen if not for the hard work and dedication of Kendra and Tilly have put in.
A R T U R N gave artists a chance to be seen, to have their work viewed and to get their names out there… After all it is A R T U R N (Our turn, for those non-Yorkshire folk out there).

“We have thoroughly enjoyed planning and organising the series of events hosted at BR:EAK over the past month. We have made some great friends and made links with wonderful artists who will definitley be taking part in our next venture. With very generous donations made at our events we have raised enough funding to now continue our organisation! Our aim is to put on an art event every two months. Always free and always fun! A R T U R N’s future is looking great”- Kendra Howard

We hope we haven’t seen the last of these guys as it would be a damn shame, but until then; Thanks for the art, the hard work and the countless opportunities.


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