Naomi Tinker and Toni Hall: Artists


IMG_1818Naomi Tinker and Toni Hall are both artists who have recently been featured in the A R T U R N exhibitions. The pair currently have a piece up in the window display of the bar Nation of ShopKeepers in Leeds city centre which is part of A R T U R N’s 1000 hour exhibition, the girls created an artistic piece that is in a way fuelled by the public.

Naomi and Toni are both 21 and from Sheffield. While Toni attended Chesterfield college studying an art foundation degree, Naomi studied at Leeds College of Art studying an art and design BTEC. Currently both girls are in the middle of studying graphic design at Sheffield Hallam University.

Currently unsure about what directions they would like their futures to go in, Art has a strong hold over both Naomi and Toni. Interested in art direction and collaborating with different people, the girls hope to create new projects in the near future.

Listen to our podcast below to learn more about Naomi and Toni’s art piece currently on display at Nation of ShopKeepers.



Here at The Arts Platform we are super excited to see what project Naomi and Toni will be working on next.

Their piece is still up for viewing follow this link for directions to Nation of ShopKeepers.

Tweet us @theartsplatform with comments about this post or if you or anyone you know would like to be featured.

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