Oliver ‘King Lion’ Asadi: Music Artist


In our first couple of months we featured graphic artist Oliver Asadi. Not only is Oliver an incredible artist with a fresh way of approaching projects, but he is also a talented music producer.JPEG image-181543105836-1.jpeg

Creating beats with; an iMac,a keyboard and pure talent, Oliver is well on his way to becoming a triple threat as he recently created a short silent film called ‘Niyaz’.

Getting to know Oliver on his art the first time was a real treat, so we’ve invited him back to talk about his music. Watch the video below to find out more!

Here at The Arts Platform we look forward to seeing what Oliver will be producing next.

Read the article we wrote on Oliver and his art through the link below.

King Lion: Graphic Artist

If you want to listen to some of Oliver’s work now then check out his tracks on Soundcloud via this link https://soundcloud.com/kinglionofficial

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